Interal CMMS Maintenance presentation

At the request of many of our valued customers we now have an application that will make your life in the field a lot easier.

Kompanion! maintenance is the new tool that accompanies the worker in his daily life and provides essential data to do his work. A lot has been said about a "Paperless Office", well maintenance workers are there!

Kompanion! maintenance, used in conjunction with Interal Maintenance offers a rich and intuitive interface for easy access to information, but also allows for simplified feedback of data taken on the ground and the rapid creation of new work orders.

  • The ideal tool to compliment your database by taking PHOTOS of your equipment, spare parts and employees. The Interal listings are updated automatically and the software experience is enhanced for all the company's stakeholders;

  • Access information necessary for the accomplishment of work: the EQUIPMENT, PARTS, ATTACHED FILES, IMAGES etc.;

  • DOCUMENT your actions! Take PHOTOS needed to support the work carried out and enter the time worked with the simple use of an automated timer;

  • Geolocation, made possible using the technology of the iPhone, iPod and iPad, makes this application an essential tool for companies that must travel to other exterior locations or move between onsite locations to provide services, whether for its own purposes or for its clients!


"Among the benefits obtained since implementing the software, there is, among other things, a significant improvement in managing repetitive equipment failures, and therefore an improvement in the production equipmentís reliability".

- Tobby Leclair, preventive maintenance manager for Groupe Savoie Inc.