Interal procurement

Barcode processing

Efficient treatment and error-free management.

Here are the main points that companies want to acquire the best tools for inventory control and procurement.

INTERAL Procurement offers all the functions required to ensure that work is carried out efficiently at all levels. In addition to the software management functions, Interal also has everything you need to manage the supply chain with barcodes.
All impressions of location, part, identification, etc. labels. Are made directly from Interal and all required documents are also provided with bar codes to facilitate all stages of purchase, receipt, coin entry / exit, inventory shift, physical inventory, etc.

By using the appropriate capturing equipment, all inventory movements are carried out in real time and without any retranscription of information!

Tranquility of mind makes work more pleasant for any worker. Two objectives that are easily achieved by using the Interal barcode functions!

INTERAL prints barcodes on labels. The labels can be printed automatically upon receipt of purchase order items.

INTERAL also includes a wizard to print barcode labels to identify parts, locations, stores, or any other item found in the database.

CMMS Barcode printing