Interal production


In order to link INTERAL to any accounting system, a complete invoicing (payable and receivable) management module was developed.

Sales invoices can be created directly from the shipping management interfaces or using the invoice preparation interface. The latter makes it possible to compare the quantities ordered, shipped and already invoiced in order to facilitate the creation of invoices which can then be sent to customers.

As soon as the submission and the sales order are created, the system ensures that the appropriate sales item is identified, as well as the items related to the taxes collected and paid, in order to limit the number of entries and to eliminate the misallocation of the accounts.

This is made possible by the configuration of accounting groups which are subsequently linked within INTERAL to the products sold by the company.

In order to allow the adjustment of the value of inventories of materials received, the payables can also be entered into the system. In addition to the direct comparison between the amounts invoiced, the quantities received and the amounts recorded when the purchase order was created, the system makes it possible, if any deviation is accepted, to adjust the value of the Inventory through its standardization of purchase orders.

As a result of their input, all receivable and payable invoices can subsequently be exported to the company's accounting system via an adaptable accounting link, in order to avoid duplication and avoid any transcription errors.