Interal procurement

Data Collection

Use the data you collect to your advantage

We know how meaningful plant floor information can be to manufacturers and over the years we have developed an advanced expertise in the data acquisition field.

It appears that much of the information needed by companies already exists on the production floor in administrative offices or elsewhere. Sadly, the information is often incompatible with your formats, incomplete, or unreliable. 

INTERAL has designed many different real-time data acquisition methods for production management that centralizes all the needed information in a format that is compatible with many types of applications. A centralized database containing production, laboratory or other types of data is populated in real-time to avoid information distortion and transcription errors.

INTERAL can devise an intervention plan with you to optimize data acquisition functions based on the data's origin and on the responsibilities of the employees in place. Either with our data collection stations, with a customized interface or with electronic links to your systems.

By developing a partnership with your company, INTERAL can follow your evolution and adapt your data acquisition architecture according to your evolving needs. Either with one of our commercial products or by developing a new technology based on your expectations, a complete, integrated solution is available to meet your needs. 

CMMS Data collection compatibility