CMMS implementation services

CMMS Implementation Services

INTERAL offers a complete range of complementary services that makes the  implementation and using its solutions efficient as well as enjoyable. 

Our experience leads us to believe that when a business implements a management solution, the people involved are as important as the product itself in making the purchase profitable. With INTERAL, you deal with professionals who will know how to fulfill your needs and will make it their priority to transform your project into a success. Moreover, INTERAL's technical support team remains available after implementation and training is completed.



Interal offers training plans adapted to your needs and is always based on your employees' function and responsibilities. Special executive training plans are also available. Whether the training is given by our in-house trainers of by one of our partners we will give you a structured, functional and personalized training adapted to your needs. We also provide coaching and implementation services to help you get started quickly and help you get a quick return on your investment
Whether you are in the health and social services, education, government, manufacturing or food processing industry we will create a training based on your daily needs.



Besides creating a comprehensive training plan, Interal also provides professional implementation services so you can take fully advantage of your investment. Our 25 years of experience in the various industry sectors allows us to suggest a solid implementation plan adapted to your needs. Once the software installation and implementation has been done we will follow up and give recommendation if required. Our implementation team works closely with your companies' designated people to establish needs and priorities. Regular meetings ensure that the correct decisions are being made.  


Company Audits 

An audit before implementation can allow you to prepare the intervention plan well. We can identify the personnel's functional and training needs as well as the best implementation sequence to maximize the return on your investment. An audit after implementation can help you identify intervention points that did not follow your plan and will enable you to correct the situation. Or, it can simply allow you to improve your use of the tools installed in order to get the most out of them. 


Customized Development 

No matter which industry you are in, whether it be in manufacturing, food processing, aerospace or the services industry we can adapt our software or develop solutions to make sure you can take fully advantage of our products. Our team of engineers, technicians and programmers is always ready to create the most perfect solution for your environment.

Interal's staff is specialized in the following fields:


  • Database architecture
  • Database optimization
  • Microsoft .NET achitecture
  • Interfacing with all kinds of systems and software


  • Industrial networks
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Barcode systems etc...


Data Collection 

Work floor information, whether it be in the administrative office or in the manufacturing plant, is crucial to the efficient running of any business in any industry. A centralized information base is key to all of this. We can create an intervention plan with you to optimize data acquisition functions based on the data origin and on the responsibilities of the employees in place. We can follow your evolution and adapt your data acquisition architecture according to your evolving needs. Either with one of our commercial products or by developing a new technology based on your expectations, a complete, integrated solution is available to meet your needs.



All our products are now also available on a hosting basis. This means we will install and maintain the software and database on the Interal Servers. You will receive all the benefits without the investment in server hardware or maintenance involved with running a server. Easy access with your Internet browser. No hassle!