Interal training

Structured and personalized CMMS training

CMMS Training and Coaching

INTERAL proposes trainers accredited by Emploi Québec that have many years of experience in the industries it serves. Our training team can not only give you structured and personalized training, but can also provide coaching and implementation services for technological solutions in your company.

Our team has worked in many activity sectors and is capable of adapting its training plan to your particular type of industry. We are aware of the many restraints that are present in different sectors such as the food industry, road or air transportation, etc, and can propose solutions that can help you optimize the use of our software.

We offer different training plans for all of our products, adapted to each person's responsibility. A special training session can be given to the executive committee concerning performance and output, and a whole different training session can be offered to technicians, workers and any other employee that will have to use the material or software solutions that we offer.

In the maintenance domain, inventory/purchasing management, production, or human resource management, INTERAL's trainers can offer quality training that will help you get a quick return on your investment (ROI).