Interal time and attendance management

Time and Attendance Software

A CMMS designed for the HR manager


INTERAL's Time and Attendance module is designed to simplify the work of both employee managers and the people in charge of payroll.

The system, designed to manage data exceptions, shows a different color each of the data being found outside the norm, that is to say out of specific work schedules.

Time and Attendance CMMS designed for the HR manager

One central board allows the manager as well as payroll personnel to manage exceptions. Absences can be justified, punches can be corrected and unauthorized overtime can be validated before being paid.

Once preparation has been completed, the data can be exported to the pay system (optional). 

All data can be exported to the pay system (optional)

For organized and efficient work, with preconfigured schedules to meet many requirements in terms of human resources!
A simplified and ultra fast validation of the hours, due to the fact that grace periods, normally assigned manually, are now directly applied to the hours worked.You get precise data for payroll processing, showing all the justifications of paid hours in detail .